National and International Links
The capacity building work within the CLAHRC SY has been based on the Research Capacity Building Framework developed by Jo Cooke  
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This model has been widely used in the UK and internationally, particularly in Canada and Australia.  
Jo Cooke also delivered capacity development workshops in Australia.

Case study

Jo Cooke and Gill Sarre worked with the UK National Ambulance Research Steering Group between November 2007 and February 2010 to support the Ambulance Trusts in the assessment of organisational research capacity development.  This initiative used The Organisational Support Tool for RCD – an audit tool for organisational research capacity development which was later adapted as the ARC for CLAHRC tool.  A series of facilitated workshops explored barriers and enablers to RCD within the trusts and support was provided in the completion of the organisational audits. 10 Ambulance Trusts took part in part or all of the project.