Supporting Research Capacity Development within NHS Organisations 

Working with R&D Managers
CLAHRC has been working with R&D Managers from NHS organisations in South Yorkshire to support the development of an environment for building research capacity. ARC (Auditing Research Capacity) is a tool designed to help NHS organisations identify where they are in relation to a broad range of Research Capacity Development (RCD) indicators and to help RCD action planning for the future. The original tool, developed for use in Primary Care Trusts in 2008, has been adapted to include indicators, metrics and measures that are particularly suitable for CLAHRC.  

To download the ARC for CLAHRC Audit Tool please see the ARC for CLAHRC documents available in our Resources section, here.

NHS organisations were invited to undertake an ARC audit in 2009 as a baseline measurement against which to plan and measure their own progress. Nine took part in the baseline audit.  Four of these are being followed up as case studies and they will undertake a reaudit during 2013 to measure developments and reflect on issues affecting RCD over the lifetime of CLAHRC.  Six organisations have research strategies with clear links to CLAHRC SY, embedding the principles of research collaboration and future capacity development. 

Case Study 
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Professional Services Directorate has used the ARC audit tool to inform a Directorate strategy that focuses on research capacity development and links with CLAHRC SY.

Further details are in the CLAHRC SY Spring 2012 Newsletter - Impacts

Developing ARC for Pharmacy
Gill Sarre, Research Capacity Organisational Support Lead for CLAHRC SY, has been working with Hazel Jamieson, Research Lead for Pharmacy at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STH), in the development of the ARC (Auditing Research Capacity) audit tool for use within the Pharmacy department.  ARC for Pharmacy has been developed by a small group of Pharmacy researchers and managers and approved by the STH Pharmacy Research Executive Board.  A baseline audit and action plan has now been completed using the tool. This information will inform the development of a research and development strategy for the STH Pharmacy department.

Further information about the tool can be obtained from Hazel Jamieson or Gill Sarre

Ways into Research
An innovative development linked to the NIHR CAT masters programme has been undertaken by Gill Sarre, in partnership with the SY CLRN Allied Health Professions Specialty Group.  Current and past CAT Masters students attended a workshop on 19 October 2011 along with their line manager to explore issues that make undertaking research difficult within a clinical setting. The workshop provided examples of flexible models of research engagement that might work at a local level. 13 clinicians and 8 managers have developed local plans to support research opportunities.

The programme, aims and objectives, presentation and background paper are available in our Previous Learning Events and Presentations section, here.

Identifying Priorities
CLAHRC SY has been working with NHS partners to identify priorities.  A good example of this is the coproduction work undertaken by the obesity theme.  Through a series of seminars (Lite Lunches), the NHS, Local Authority and academic partners have come together to discuss specific topics and generate research questions. These questions reflect the priorities of the NHS and Local Authority partners and create a balance between academic and NHS driven research. 
More details here

The Depression (IQuEST) theme ran a Consensus Generating Workshop in November 2011.  This brought together nearly 40 clinicians, practitioners, service providers, managers, service users and carers, planners, commissioners and researchers to debate a list of 20 candidate ideas for testing system and service improvement for people with chronic depression. 
Further information here

Resources to support organisational RCD
A regularly updated ARC for CLAHRC Resource Bank provides information, online resources and guidance to help trusts plan research capacity developments and identify where CLAHRC SY can support this.
The ARC for CLAHRC Resource Bank is available for download from our Resources section, here.

A regular R&D Email Update & CLAHRC SY news update is provided for NHS R&D Managers to circulate within their trusts to ensure good communication with NHS partners. The latest R&D update can be found on the home page under News and Events

Workshops have been run for NHS R&D managers and teams to support RCD activity.
More information about these developments can be found via the presentation on Research Capacity Development from the CLAHRC SY Conference held in October 2010.
Download here