Building Capacity in Research and Implementation Themes & Teams

Cross theme working in CLAHRC SY has demonstrated added value and capacity development through collaboration.  Approximately 13% of research projects are now cross theme partnerships, attracting grants of just over £1 million in 2012. There are also PhD students funded across themes, for example Rémi Bec is funded by both UCHD and Obesity themes to look at physical activity to tackle the problem of obesity using a participatory approach to understand and engage more successfully with service users.

Coproduction elements of the CLAHRC have ensured that themes are involving practitioners, managers, academics and service users in the vast majority of CLAHRC SY projects, building capacity through these linkages.

Research Capability Funding (RCF) accrued by CLAHRC research activity is allocated to themes and provides protected time for bid writing and joint posts. For example Masters in Clinical Research graduates, Lise Teasdale and Sabrina Eltringham, both Speech and Language Therapists, have been part funded to work with CLAHRC themes (TaCT and KT2A).

Cross theme learning events
Professor Brendan McCormack provided a Masterclass on Action Research Methodology and Methods in Evolution on 26th July 2012. This workshop, which was run in collaboration with the RCN, has been filmed and is available here.

The Internal Evaluation Team ran a ‘Learning across Themes’ workshop in June 2012 attended by 26 people from across CLAHRC SY

A series of three implementation master classes have been delivered by Professor Ian Graham (5 October 2010) and Professor Huw Davies (17 March 2011, 10 May 2012). These have explored frameworks and models for knowledge translation, evidence use, service improvement methodologies and sustainability techniques. They have been well attended (126 attendances over three workshops) and well received by both NHS and university partners.    

More information including presentations from these learning events are available through our Resources section, here.

CLAHRC Seminar series for Rotherham Hospital during April 2012 
– including a presentation on CLAHRC’s role in RCD by Jo Cooke & Gill Sarre 

Download the presentation here.