The Built Environment in Acute Care for Older People
Project Lead and contact details: 
Stuart Parker

As numbers of emergency admissions for older people increase acute hospitals face an imperative to develop facilities to meet the needs of frail older in-patients with complex health problems. Evidence-based design is increasingly recognised as a method for achieving a safe and effective hospital environment. This research aims to improve the processes, quality and outcomes of acute services for older in-patients. It involves: 1). A comprehensive review and synthesis of the design and healthcare literature on the physical environment for older in-patients in acute care. 2). Data from an architectural evaluation of design quality and building performance. 3). Stakeholder views (semi structured interviews with patients and carers and staff focus groups/shadowing) in three acute care settings. Results will create differing insights and new relationships and directly inform a developing estates strategy in an NHS Trust. The research is funded by a grant from the NIHR Physical Environment Research Programme.