Case Study of the Champions for Achieving Better Health in Sheffield (CABS) project.  Working with South Asian taxi drivers to prevent CHD

Project Lead and contact details: 
Lerleen Willis

UK statistics have demonstrated that Asian men’s health and life expectancy are adversely impacted by above average susceptibility to coronary heart disease, stroke and diabetes. They face a 50% greater mortality rate from CHD, 70% greater prevalence of stroke than the general male population and 6 fold greater prevalence of type 2 diabetes among South Asians than in the general UK population.

In response to this situation NHS Sheffield and South Asian taxi drivers in Sheffield initiated a project focusing on the health needs of taxi drivers.  In Sheffield, this occupational group is largely South Asian in origin and their sedentary lifestyle, patterns of late shift working, poor eating habits and high levels of smoking also put them at greater risk of disease.  Their visible and influential position within their communities as well as their daily interaction with members of the public meant that they could potentially play an important role in promoting healthy lifestyles within their occupational group as well as within their communities. This case study examines how the project developed and the factors which have worked most effectively.

Project report available from our resources section