Cross-theme working: Inequalities - K2A - Intelligent Commissioning - Translating Knowledge into Action

Project Lead and contact details: 
John Skinner

A series of workshops, and one-to-one/team support, to up-skill staff in the South Yorkshire Local Authorities in relation to the commissioning of health services that better meet the needs of black and minority ethnic patients and thereby help reduce ethnic inequalities in healthcare experiences and health outcomes. These workshops and support will be initially focused on staff involved in JSNA production and then extended to other council portfolios via Public Health staff. The workshops and support sessions will promote the use of a range of tools already developed by the Evidence & Ethnicity in Commissioning project ( which has been funded by SDO in 2010 and adopted within the CLAHRC Inequalities Theme portfolio. The work will link closely with other EEiC follow on work planned in Leeds and Bradford.