Evaluation of the Introduction to Community Development and Health Course (ICDH)
Project Lead and contact details: 
Lerleen Willis

ICDH (Introduction to Community Development and Health) is a 15-week OCN accredited course which aims to address health inequalities across the Sheffield region.  ICDH addresses health inequalities among learners by encouraging them to develop a deeper understanding of what health and wellbeing mean to them and their community.  It uses creative strategies such as art, collage, creative writing, journals and drama to support learning and engage learners.  The course seeks to empower participants to make their own informed choices, access services more appropriately and develop the skills and confidence to enable them to take advantage of opportunities that may become available.  This evaluation employs qualitative methods to identify ways in which the course is effective in empowering participants and effecting changes in cognitive, emotional and behavioural realms.