An exploration of factors (among BME communities) associated with non- attendance at outpatients appointments in Sheffield

Project Lead and contact details: 
Hanif Ismail

Since 1999 the cost of missed appointments to the NHS has tripled and in 2009 was estimated to be more than £600 million (Kennard, 2009; Beecham, 1999). The issue of non- attendance among BME groups in particular has been highlighted by STH Foundation Trust Equality and Diversity directorate as a local priority area. This research project will provide robust local primary evidence that will contribute initially to our understanding of health inequity and contribute towards a larger research project. The aim of this part of the study is to explore experiences and reasons for non- attendance at outpatients clinics in Sheffield with a view to providing background data for a larger NIHR bid. Focus groups will be undertaken with BME groups whom we will identify with STH as having the highest non- attendance rates. The main output of this study will be a participatory workshop where we will present our findings to health professionals involved in planning and delivering health services and a briefing paper. Other dissemination will be achieved through publication in a refereed journal