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This series of 10 briefing papers provides a starting point for managers, practitioners and researchers embarking on projects designed to implement best evidence to improve service delivery, enhance clinical practice or introduce innovations into health or social care. Each paper introduces an aspect of evidence-based practice, drawing on relevant literature and our experience to highlight principles and to offer practical tips. The topics in this 'starter for 10' series are:

Getting started:
1) Getting started: from idea to project plan
2) Naming and framing the problem: using theories, models and conceptual frameworks
3) Partnership working

Implementation strategies:
4) Facilitation (coming shortly)
5) Knowledge brokering (coming shortly)
6) Blended e-learning (coming shortly)
7) Patient and public involvement (coming shortly)

8) Capturing impact (coming shortly)
9) After Action Review: an evaluation tool
10) Scale-up, spread and sustainability (coming shortly)

We would appreciate your feedback on these briefing papers, particularly if and how you use them, and any suggested improvements. 

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Gerrish K, Piercy H. (September 2013)
Capacity development for knowledge translation: evaluation of an experiential approach through secondment opportunities. 
Accepted for publication in Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing

Ilott I, Gerrish  K, Pownall  S, Eltringham  S &  Booth  A (2013) 
Exploring scale-up, spread, and sustainability: an instrumental case study tracing an innovation to enhance dysphagia care.   
Implementation Science, 8:128.
download here

Ilott I, Gerrish K, Booth A, Field B (2012) 
Testing the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research on health care innovations from South Yorkshire. 
Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. 
download here

Booth A (2011) 
Bridging the 'Know-do gap': a role for health information professionals? 
Health Information and Libraries Journal 28(4):331-4 
download here

Gerrish K (2010) 
Tapping the potential of the National Institute for Health Research Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) to develop research capacity and capability in nursing. Journal of Research in Nursing, 15(3) 215-225

download here

Ilott I, Bennett B, Gerrish K, Pownall S, Jones A,  Garth A. (2013)
Evaluating a novel approach to enhancing dysphagia management: workplace based, blended e-learning.  
In Press: Journal of Clinical Nursing DOI: 10.1111/jocn.12409

download here


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