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Dementia Congress: Learning Together in Having a Say
The Dementia Involvement Project presented at Dementia Congress at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham on 6th November 2013 as part of a parallel session on Involvement and Empowerment.

Project lead, Jane McKeown presented “Learning Together in Having a Say” along with Bev Graham and Ros Witherspoon from Sheffield Alzheimer’s Society.  Five people with dementia who contributed to the project and two family carers came to Congress.  Their experiences of participating in the Voice of Dementia Film were shared with the audience.

Dysphagia matters: first on-line community 

Irene Ilott of the TK2A team recently teamed up with George London, a postgraduate student from the University of Sheffield to launch an innovative online health community for people with dysphagia. The project, called Swallowing Matters, is the first of its kind for people with swallowing problems, and hopes to provide a valuable resource for peer support and information across the globe.

The website was launched in August 2013.  It can be accessed here   

and the twitter account @dysphagiaSY.

George London, University of Sheffield student and website co-creator previewing  the new website.

Sharing learning about knowledge translation across Scotland

In May 2013, Kate Gerrish and Andrew Booth were invited by NHS Education for Scotland to present a Webinar seminar entitled “Collaboration to lead the translation of knowledge into better quality care: learning from the NIHR CLAHRC South Yorkshire”. Colleagues from across Scotland were keen to learn from our experiences of knowledge translation in order to inform the implementation of NHS Scotland Knowledge into Action Strategic Review. 


Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.


TK2A team wins best poster prize at international research conference

The TK2A team’s innovative, interactive poster entitled ‘Innovation in the sustainability and spread of behavioural change: lessons from the NIHR CLAHRC South Yorkshire’ was voted the best poster shown on Thursday 21 March at the Royal College of Nursing International Nursing Research Conference in Belfast. 

The photograph shows Kate Bray explaining the poster to one of the delegates.


Launch of the ‘Starter for 10’ briefing papers about implementation 

A series of briefing papers about implementation were launched at a workshop held at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) International Research Conference in Belfast in March 2013.  

For more information, please see here.

Irene Ilott, Kate Bray and Sara Laker show the first three briefing papers about getting started, using theories to name and frame problems, and After Action Review as an evaluation technique.

Working in partnership with Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network

Kate Gerrish (TK2A theme lead) has been invited to work with the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) to promote the use of evidence to improve population health and support the transformation of healthcare. Kate is leading the Translating Research and Learning into Practice work stream which will employ innovative methods to ensure that healthcare practitioners, managers and patients have ready access to the best available evidence to inform decision making. 


TK2A partner Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to win prestigious award from the Health Foundation to develop a Microsystems Coaching Academy

TK2A have joined forces with the Service Improvement team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to secure a grant of £420,000 from the Health Foundation to set up a Microsystems Coaching Academy. The Academy will develop capacity in quality improvement across a wide range of clinical and support staff in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and Sheffield Children’s Hospital.  The initiative which involves working in partnership with the Dartmouth Institute (USA) commenced in September 2012 and TK2A will be evaluating the initiative. Click here for more information.


The photograph shows Kate Gerrish (second from left) with the members of the 
Microsystems Coaching Academy.

TK2A collaborate with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to secure grant from the Burdett Trust for Nursing to develop an integrated falls service across Sheffield

TK2A have partnered with the Service Improvement team and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to secure £183,000 to undertake an innovative project to develop an integrated falls service across hospital and community services. The two year project commenced in September 2012 and TK2A will be involved in the evaluation.

TK2A team share learning from implementation projects at international Knowledge Utilisation Colloquium.Members of the KT2A team (Kate Gerrish, Kate Bray and Ann McDonnell) were invited delegates to the prestigious international Knowledge Utilization Colloquium (KU12) held in Melbourne, Australia, in October 2012. The team engaged delegates in an interactive game of crocodiles and kangaroos (based on snakes and ladders) to explore the barriers (crocs) and enablers (kangaroos) to the sustainability and spread of change. 

Click here for more information.

Promoting local health service research at Researchers' Night

The TK2A team partnered with the University of Sheffield to showcase their work at Researchers' Night on 28 September. This was part of a European wide initiative held in more than 350 cities to encourage universities to share their research with the public at large. Over 40 members of the public took part in a variety of fun activities to learn about projects designed to bridge the gap between research findings and health care practice.


Click here for more information about this pan European initiative.

Sue Pownall and Irene Ilott explain work undertaken to improve the care of stroke patients with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia).

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