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2012 British Dietetic Association National Conference 30th November, Birmingham 
Peer reviewed oral presentation:
 Understanding patients’ perceptions of nutrition support received
Carolyn Taylor, Annette Haywood, Kate Gerrish and Sara Laker 

Download abstract here and here

2012 RCN International Research Conference 23rd – 25th April, London
Peer reviewed oral presentation: Ward-based nutrition champions to support implementation of new guidelines: A pluralistic evaluation
Cathy Soreny and Jonathan Boote

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2011 33rd ESPEN Congress on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism 4th – 6th Sept, Gothenburg 
Invited oral presentation: Implementation of a nutrition screening tool and associated care guidelines 
Kate Gerrish and Sara Laker

2011 Sharing Good Practice Festival, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, 12th July 
Presentation: Volunteer feeding programme 
Jane Elliott and Sara Laker

2011 RCN International Research Conference 16th-18th May, Harrogate
Peer reviewed oral presentation: Exploring the roles of facilitator and nurse champion in the implementation of best evidence: Enhancing the quality of oral nutritional support project
Cathy Soreny, Sue Shearstone, Carolyn Taylor, Sara Laker and Kate Gerrish

Download abstract here

2010 CLAHRC SY National Learning Event, 6th-7th October, Sheffield 
Presentation: Implementing best evidence using facilitation: Enhancing the Quality of Oral Nutritional Support (EQONS) Project 
Cathy Soreny, Sara Laker, Sue Shearstone, Kate Gerrish and Carolyn Taylor

Watch a short film of the presentation here

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2010 RCN International Nursing Research Conference, 11th-13th May, Newcastle 
Peer reviewed oral presentation: Enhancing the quality of oral nutrition support to hospitalised patients through the Knowledge to Action cycle 
Kate Gerrish, Sara Laker, Elaine Cotton, Mark McAlindon, Irene Ilott, Kate Bray, Cathy Soreny and Sue Shearstone

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2012 University of Sheffield Medical School Research Meeting June 
Poster: Understanding patients’ perceptions of nutritional intake and support before and during admission to hospital: a qualitative study
Carolyn Taylor, Annette Haywood, Sara Laker, Kate Gerrish

available to download here

2010 CLAHRC SY National Learning Event, 6th-7th October, Sheffield 
Poster: Enhancing the quality of Oral Nutritional Support (EQONS) involving Volunteers in getting patients views of hospital mealtimes
Gill Turner, Sara Laker, Andrew Timms.

available to download here

2010 KU10 Knowledge Translation Colloquium, Halifax, Canada, 9th-10th June 
Peer reviewed oral poster presentation: Enhancing the quality of oral nutrition support to hospitalised patients through the Knowledge to Action cycle 
Kate Gerrish and Sara Laker

available to download here

2010 Improving Health Care and Health Systems with Knowledge Translation Conference, 
Halifax, Canada 6th-8th June
Peer reviewed poster: Enhancing the quality of oral nutrition Sara Laker and Kate Gerrish


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