AGREE Collaboration (2001) 
The Appraisal Guidelines for Research and Evaluation (AGREE) instrument
London, The AGREE Trust 
Available to download here

Baldwin C, Weekes, CE (2009) 
Dietary advice for illness related malnutrition in adults (review). 
The Cochrane Collaboration. Oxford, Wiley 
Available to download here

Care Quality Commission (2009)
Guidance about compliance with the Health and Social Care Act 2008). 
London, Care Quality Commission.
Available to download here

Department of Health (2007) 
Improving nutritional care: a joint action plan from the Department of Health and Nutrition Summit stakeholders

London, Department of Health
Available to download here

Ferreira I, Brooks D, Lacasse Y et al (2009)
Nutritional supplementation for stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 
The Cochrane Collaboration. Oxford,Wiley 
Available to download here

Joanna Briggs Institute (2007) 
Effectiveness of interventions of undernourished older patients in the hospital setting. 
Best Practice
Available to download here

NICE (2006) 
Nutrition support for adults: oral nutrition support, enteral tube feeding and parenteral nutrition.
London, NICE  
Available to download here

Rashidian A, Stround MA, Sharpin C et al (2009) 
Nutritional screening for improving professional practice for patient outcomes in hospital and primary care settings

The Cochrane Collaboration, Oxford, Wiley
Available to download here


British Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition 
is a charitable organisation which brings together groups to raise awareness and understanding. They have a large number of education, practice and research resources and links to international communities that focus on nutrition.
visit website here

The World Health Organisation 
coordinated health issues with the United Nations. Nutrition is one of the themes within its remit. 
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National Patient Safety First Campaign
This provides an online network of events and resources to support service improvement in patient safety initiatives. Nutrition and hydration week was held in March 2013 as one of the events. 

For resources and networking see here

Resources available for suggestions on treating malnutrition
see here

Malnutrition fact sheet
download here

Selection of malnutrition related references
see here

Guidelines, standards and best practice on nutrition

Nutrition support in adults, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
download here

Nutrition in hospitals: Quality standards, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
download here

Essence of care, Department of Health
download here

Joanna Briggs Institute
This is a non profit, member based organisation located in Australia at the University of Adelaide. It collaborates internationally with many organisations to provide best research based evidence to be used in practice.

Best practice: Maintaining Oral Hydration in Older People
download here

Best Practice: Interventions to reduce under nutrition and promote eating in adults with dementia 
download here

Hospital food and catering

The hospital caterers association 
aims to improve the standard of hospital food. A number of resources and information are available.
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