At the time of the review (2010) the CLAHRC SY programme of activity was extensive and expansive.   The number of projects underway within each of the themes varied substantially. Some themes had a programme that comprised a relatively small number of large scale projects whilst others had a larger numbers of smaller scale projects. In many themes, there is a substantial amount of development work with projects being continuously added to the portfolio. Consequently the number of projects and therefore the variety of KMI activity was continuously emerging and developing.

A total of eight KMI project categories were identified. These are presented in the following table. 

Knowledge Mobilisation and Implementation project categories

Research implementationProjects concerned with the planned implementation of a specific identifiable research product, for example primary research findings, tools developed from research evidence, innovation and/or technology.
AuditCollection of baseline information relating to specific services or populations conducted preliminary to service development activities
Service evaluationThe systematic acquisition and assessment of information on specific processes or outcomes of service provision
Evidence gathering activityProjects concerned with data collection and/or analysis to identify and/or clarify a problem and thereby contribute to development of future KMI or research project
Action learningProjects that focus on structured analysis and feedback of performance in a relation to a specific activity or initiative in order to capitalise on the resultant learning and thereby improve performance
Service development/improvementProjects that focus on a specific aspect of a service and incorporate one or more component elements directed towards service development/improvement
Generation of knowledge on knowledge translationProjects where the focus of enquiry is on identified aspects of knowledge mobilisation and implementation in order to advance understanding
Capacity buildingProjects that focus on staff capacity building to support implementation work

A detailed internal report of the scoping review was produced for the CLAHRC SY Executive and recommendations were subsequently taken forward.