Scoping Literature Review Abstract (May 2013)
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Key Messages from the Medicines Management Project

Evaluation of the competency training package

  • Overall the medicines re-ablement package was well received by health and social care staff who found the course informative and pertinent.
  • Most of the staff said they would use what they had learnt and it would improve their skills in their everyday practice.

Staff and patient perceptions of medicines re-ablement

Twenty members of staff and 8 patients were interviewed to gain their perspectives on medicines re-ablement.

  • Both staff and patients valued the service and emphasised the importance of attaining independence for self administration of medication.
  • Barriers to timely successful re-ablement highlighted were confidence of the patient, different brands / packaging of medication from hospital to usual home supply and disruption of the patient’s normal routine when taking medication.

Perceptions of the project CICS Pharmacy Technicians

The two CICS Pharmacy Technicians who led/facilitated the project work and training were interviewed for their perspective on their role in re-ablement and the project overall.

  • They felt that this part of their role was extremely satisfying and showed their true potential within intermediate care.
  • They felt the project demonstrated that using pharmacy interventions could enable ‘health and social care to work together and achieve good outcomes for patients and really save money.’

The re-ablement process

  • The pilot project demonstrated potential cost savings

The project finished in December 2013 and the findings are being written up for publication. Please contact Professor Kate Gerrish for information.