Introduction to User Centered Healthcare Design (UCHD)

User-centred Healthcare Design (UCHD) brings together patients, healthcare staff, families and communities to explore and understand the real-life experience of care provision, and use that knowledge to drive innovation and improvement in healthcare service design and delivery.

Current practices in service development and delivery across South Yorkshire will be mapped and, through a process of action research and co-design, an understanding of users’ experiences of health-care will be used to drive innovative solutions in service design. 

The theme will proceed by a series of co-design case studies focussing on chronic conditions, particularly those being studied in the CLAHRC. Through a process of participatory design and applying new technologies and new service design thinking, the team will develop and demonstrate a robust participatory approach to user-centred innovation for health services. 

The project began in October 2008 and reached full staffing in October 2009. 
For further details please visit the UCHD website