Better Services by Design

For our third case study we are looking at how other people in South Yorkshire might use our methods.  To do this we are recruiting partners from health and social care and the voluntary sector to use the tools and approaches that make up the UCHD methodology in delivering better services locally.

We are providing both training and mentorship for our partners but also using action learning sets to maximise the level of understanding and expertise gained by both our participants and ourselves. In turn this will enable us to further refine our methodology and how we share it.  The projects will run for the second half of 2012. 

Our outputs will include experience and reflections on the UCHD methodology from our participants, but also equip groups in South Yorkshire with a new set of skills to co-create services with their key stakeholders.

Our website has links to outputs of the project 

For any enquiries please drop an email to Dan Wolstenholme