Better Outpatient Services for Older People (BOSOP)

Better Outpatient Services for Older People (BOSOP) was UCHD's first case study and is an example of how we make a real difference to people who need healthcare services. 

During the BOSOP project we found ways to improve outpatient services used by older people at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.

The project set out to work on four key areas:
  • Making the services more personal, responsive and respectful of people’s dignity
  • Making the services easier to access and giving better support to people to use them
  • Giving the people who run services a better understanding of what the users want
  • Using the expert view of patients as a basis for training staff

Because the focus of this project was older people, who often had complex needs, UCHD went beyond conventional approaches to patient involvement and asked Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care (SCCCC) for help. SCCCC is a local charity that co-ordinates a broad range of services largely provided by its city-wide team of volunteers and staff, giving older people a helping hand when they need it most. 

Further information about BOSOP can be found here.