Project Updates

Most recently updated 24 February 2012

Better Services by Design (BSBD)

UCHD is now recruiting partners from health and social care and the voluntary sector in South Yorkshire to use the tools and approaches that make up the UCHD methodology in delivering better services locally. To learn more and find out how to register your interest please read our flyer.
You can also contact us for more information at

The first key date is the 6th of March 2012 

When we will be holding an information event for any interested parties.  Teams will be selected by the end of March and the training component will commence in May.

Most recently updated 24 January 2012

Young People with Diabetes - Diabetes Dragons’ Den

On 22nd November 2011 we ran a creative workshop based on the television programme Dragons’ Den but with a twist. The workshop aimed to translate previously developed blue-sky ideas into more grounded and practical ones. To do this, Dragons not only questioned the ideas that were presented, they also sat with their chosen “entrepreneurs” and helped them develop their ideas.

One group of young people developed an idea called “Safety-net”, where a wrist-implanted blood glucose meter sends messages to various televisions and other screens in the home to warn of health problems. Another group came up with “Tear-free testing”, proposing that a person with type 1 diabetes could wear a contact lens with embedded advanced electronics that constantly measures the glucose levels in their tears and provides a discreet indicator to others by changing colour.

The UCHD designers proposed “DiaBuddies”, a concept that brought together medical expertise from the NHS and personal expertise from others living with type 1 diabetes. This idea combined several tools for accessing support and information through smart phone apps, text messages and Facebook. Finally, a group of parents developed the “D-Net Chemists” concept, a service that connects people with diabetes to a network of pharmacists to get medication and support if needed when they are away from home. To bring their presentations to life, groups used various props they had made such as cardboard computer screens or cartoon glasses. 

The groups presented their ideas to four Dragons with a range of experience relevant to where the ideas might be applied: NHS Senior Manager Mark Cobb; Design and Technology Teacher Russell Fisher; Senior Diabetes Consultant Simon Heller; and Boots Superstore Manager James Stout. 

Following the presentations and questions from the Dragons, each Dragon chose to “invest” in one group and spent time with them exploring the best features of their ideas, identifying practical hurdles and possible improvements based on their experience. 

In generaltheDragons were very positive about the ideas and impressed by their level of innovation. The young people and parents were also encouraged by presenting their ideas to external experts and hearing their helpful comments and suggestions.

Most recently updated 12 January 2012

Better Outpatient Services for Older People (BOSOP)
UCHD presented a poster about BOSOP at the Professional Services Quality Initiative event which was held at the Northern General hospital in Sheffield at the end of November 2011.

The poster illustrated work carried out by Fiona Wilson and Maureen Ibbotson, two nurse-lecturers from Sheffield Hallam University, which extended the BOSOP project to include the experiences of 'seldom heard' older people when accessing Medical Outpatients. This work involved gathering more stories about using the outpatients department but this time from older people in Sheffield's Pakistani community and older people living in care homes (and their carers).

Fiona and Maureen produced a report summarising the experiences of these older people and identifying the issues that could improve outpatient services for them. A number of these issues were highlighted in a handout which was also presented at the PSQI event .