Patient & Public Involvement (PPI)
UCHD uses participatory design approach involving patients, healthcare professionals, and carers at all stages of the design process.

The first case study based in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital began in March 2009 and is called Better Outpatient Services for Older People (BOSOP). The BOSOP case study is evaluating the Experience-Based Design (EBD) approach developed by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. 

The second case study is working with young people with diabetes specifically with those who do not manage their condition well (e.g. regular blood glucose monitoring and insulin injections) to co-design a service that makes health support and information more accessible to them and, we hope, encourage greater self-management. 

For more information please contact Joanne Holden in the first instance:

Telephone: 0114 225 6748