UCHD have had a number of papers published in academic journals and conferences. 

Journal Papers

Wolstenholme D, Cobb M, Bowen S, Wright P, Dearden, A. (2010). 

Design Led Service Improvement for Older People
Australasian Medical Journal 2010, 3, 8, 465-470. 
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Position Papers

Dearden, A., Wright, P., Bowen, S., Rahman, F., Cobb, M., Wolstenholme, D. (2010). 
Pervasive Healthcare in Lived Experience: Thinking beyond the home

Position paper for workshop on Pervasive Healthcare in the Home, 
Pervasive Health Conference 2010, Munich, Germany.
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Dearden, A., Wright, P., Bowen, S., Cobb, M., Wolstenholme, D. (2010). 
User Centred Design and Pervasive Health:A position statement from the User Centred Healthcare Design project

Position paper for workshop on User Centred Design of Pervasive Healthcare Applications, 
Pervasive Health Conference 2010, Munich, Germany. 
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Conference Papers

Bowen, S., Dearden, A., Wright, P., Wolstenholme, D., Cobb, M. (2010).
Participatory Healthcare Service Design and Innovation
Proceedings of PDC 2010, Sydney, Australia. 

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Bowen, S., Dearden, A., Wolstenholme, D., Cobb, M., Wright, P (2011). 
Different Views: Including Others in Participatory Health Service Innovation

Proceedings of PINC 2011, Sønderborg, Denmark. 
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Project Report

Whose diabetes is it anyway?

Project report available here

Learning Events

Design4Health conference and exhibition 2013

Sheffield Hallam University, 03-05/07/2013

Both UCHD and CLAHRC SY sponsored the second Design4Health conference and exhibition which took place at Sheffield Hallam University from 3rd -5th July 2013. 

Design4Health 2013 was a week-long series of events hosted by Sheffield Hallam’s Lab4Living and created a forum to discuss and develop designs and ideas to improve patient care.
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Professor Brendan McCormack 
Action Research Methodology Master Class 
Sheffield, 26/07/2012
The filmed presentation and slides are available to view in our resources section.

Showcasing patient and public involvement in the design, delivery and implementation of health research in South Yorkshire… 
User-led Workshop
The Source Meadowhall, 02/03/2011
Further information about this workshop is available from our resources section.