ADHD/True Clarity

Currently, service provision for individuals with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) involves a complex assessment and treatment process that necessitates multiple stakeholders to work collaboratively. 

True Clarity is a software design and engineering company that specialise in complex, multi-functional yet contemporary simple, flexible interfaces. Over the last four years, in collaboration with Great Ormond Street and Guy's St. Thomas NHS Trusts, they have developed Health Tracker® (HT). HT is an online multimedia (animated) suite of questionnaires and neuropsychological test games. The system has been designed to enable children (as young as five) and adolescents with a range of neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders, parents, and teachers to input data through innovative computer-based electronic questionnaires.

As part of the CLAHRC SY programme, the ADHD HT Sheffield project aims to implement the use of a computer database with children/ adolescents diagnosed with ADHD in the community setting. However, taking HT from a specialist setting to a community setting highlighted a number of additional factors that were identified as being necessary for the recording of routine care.

This necessitated service users, practitioners, and industrial partners to improve and develop the technology based on user feedback.

Since October 2010 we have carried out a number of consultations with service providers in Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust (SCH) Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Paediatric Neurodisability services and users across Sheffield and as a result we identified and discussed necessary changes with the original designers (and owners) of the database, as well as True Clarity to explore the possibility and feasibility of implementing the changes. This has required a close working relationship with True Clarity that has created strong links between service users, service providers and industry. Building these links and having the experience of working with industry has allowed for an increased understanding of the barriers and facilitators of implementing commercial products into healthcare.

The on-going use and development of HT within SCH will no doubt be of benefit to service providers, industry and importantly, service users. Not only are we expanding the boundaries of service provision but we are also exploring and building industrial involvement in healthcare.

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