Accelerated Telehealth implementation

This case study describes an approach to overcoming the persistent culture within the NHS that avoids using or buying existing products, research, standards or knowledge because of their external origins. 

CLAHRC has established a strategic partnership with an NHS Partner, a commercial Med-Tech vendor and the Veterans Administration in the USA. The aim is to help take elements of US best practice that have delivered significant gains in patient satisfaction and reduction in unplanned hospital utilisation and tailor them to an NHS setting. 

The Department of Health has signalled the importance of using assistive technology to support self care and avoid unnecessary hospital care. Within South Yorkshire the implementation of telehealth is being explored at scale. 

CLAHRC has supported its NHS partners in the delivery of telehealth to COPD patients being discharged from hospital. The generic principles of telehealth deployment by the VA have been distilled and those which are translatable to a South Yorkshire context have been disseminated. 

CLAHRC has played an active role in facilitating communications between industry and the NHS acting as a third party critical friend. We believe that this provocative third party role is essential to the successful adoption and diffusion of innovations. The role fills a niche, being facilitative rather than directive. CLAHRC has been able to capture & share international best practice in a way that is palatable locally. The result is the step change from an 80 person telehealth pilot to plans for a 2500 person mainstream service supported by evaluation data.

a) academic input to improve outcomes and deliver value for money,
b) collaboration with NHS partners and industry
c) capacity building/staff engagement