Rotherham Breathing Space Programme for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
The Rotherham Breathing Space Programme is the largest multi-disciplinary community-based COPD rehabilitation programm
e in Europe. It provides day-patient and in-patient pulmonary rehabilitation and respite care for patients and their carers, and support patients in self management of their condition. The programme includes patient, carer and clinician education, case finding, tackling social isolation, and the provision of remote technology to support people at home. By 2009 Breathing Space will have delivered rehabilitation to one third of the whole population currently diagnosed with COPD in Rotherham.

NIHR CLAHRC funding is supporting an extension of the Rotherham Breathing Space Programme from 2009-2013 to enable research into the long term whole system impact of COPD rehabilitation. Such information will feed into long term healthcare planning relating to chronic diseases by primary and secondary care services. 

For more details of the programme please follow this link.