Cost Savings on Home Oxygen for NHS Rotherham

A project involving CLAHRC SY COPD Theme, medicines management team (NHSR) and senior specialist clinicians across Rotherham Hospital and BreathingSpace has resulted in cost savings on Home Oxygen. 

In 2010/11 total home oxygen costs were approx. £600,000 and this has reduced in 2011/12 to £513,000,
a savings of £87,000.

The project team have worked successfully together over the last two years to:

  • Develop and launch a Rotherham pathway for referral to Home Oxygen Assessment and Review Service with a single point of referral for all HCP’s.
  • Integrate and share new regional contractual changes including new Home Oxygen Order Forms within this new pathway.
  • Embed evidenced-based and recommended good practice guidance into the process of assessment, prescription and review of long term home oxygen provision.
  • Provide a more integrated approach to home oxygen assessment across the hospital and BreathingSpace centre by sharing of a common database/register of patients on home oxygen.
  • Develop data management and invoicing housekeeping processes to ensure accuracy of invoices and reduction of inappropriate costs.
  • use available data from the provider on patient compliance in order to prioritise patient reviews allowing timely and appropriate adjustment or removal of inappropriate home oxygen prescriptions.
  • Develop regular reporting and review of new home oxygen prescriptions to ensure appropriate prescribing and ensure that patients are reassessed regularly.

Cost savings have been agreed to be shared across the commissioner (NHSR) and provider with future plans in progress to reinvest in additional staff/resources to allow more home visits to be undertaken by the service. Thus cost savings translated into benefits for patients by improving access to provision of this specialist assessment at home.

For further information, please contact:
Angela Green (COPD Theme Project Manager)

The Oxygen Pathway group