DESMOND - Ongoing

Diabetes Education Self Management Ongoing & Newly Diagnosed

The DESMOND programme (Diabetes Education Self Management and Newly Diagnosed) has been developed to help people better manage their type-2 diabetes. 

DESMOND-Newly Diagnosed was developed first to help people just diagnosed with type-2 diabetes develop the skills to self-manage their condition. This education programme was subject to a randomised controlled trial, details of which can be found here

What is DESMOND-Ongoing?
The team at CLAHRC-SY (led by Professor Simon Heller) in collaboration with LNR-CLAHRC (led by Professor Melanie Davies) have developed a new care package called Going Forward with Diabetes, and are trialling it as a cluster randomised controlled trial (The DESMOND-Ongoing study) for people with established type-2 diabetes, to compare the effectiveness of the intervention with standard care. The intervention package includes:   
  • Ongoing group education for patients and family that includes topics on diet, foot care, exercise and managing hypoglycaemic episodes.

  • Annual care plan review undertaken by specially trained GPs and Practice Nurses in the DESMOND philosophy.

The trial has closed to recruitment in CLAHRC-SY, but continues in LNR-CLAHRC. We hope to have the results in 2013. 
For more information on the study in CLAHRC-SY please contact Jessica Goddard-Mannion

DESMOND - Ongoing Theme Team

DESMOND-ongoing is a collaboration between CLAHRC-SY and LNR-CLAHRC. For details of the team in Leicestershire, Rutland and Northampton.

Professor Simon Heller - Role in CLAHRC: For more information please see:

Professor Solomon Tesfaye Role in CLAHRC:Involved in the DESMOND-ongoing programme

Nigel Mathers- Role in CLAHRC:Advises on DESMOND-Ongoing project from a primary care perspective

Jessica Goodard-Mannion-Role in CLAHRC:Jess joined the team as Research Assistant after a year working for the DESMOND project in Leicester and oversees the ongoing project for CLAHRC-SY and contributes to the adolescent research programme.

Beth Stevenson-Role in CLAHRC:Beth joined the team as Administrator for the Diabetes theme of CLAHRC-SY drawing on her experience at the John Ward Diabetes Centre, Royal Hallamshire Hospital.