WICKED - Working with Insulin Carbs, Ketones and Exercise to manage Diabetes
What is WICKED?
The WICKED course is based on a constructivist approach - people are not born with knowledge and cannot absorb it directly but rather must acquire it by doing and experiencing things. Learners construct new knowledge and understanding using what they already know, prior knowledge influencing new knowledge constructed from learning experiences. WICKED makes use of diagnostic activities to find out what prior knowledge clients have, what learning style they prefer and what their emotional state is. The teaching style is adapted accordingly and aims to help clients engage with their condition and achieve sustainable learning and positive life changes.

WICKED makes use of Assessment for Learning, which is partly formative and partly diagnostic assessment seen as an essential part of the learning process. Assessment for Learning is central to the constructivist approach and is used throughout the scheme of work to:

  1. Give feedback to teachers and learners
  2. Provide motivation and encouragement
  3. Boost self-esteem of learners and give a sense of achievement
  4. Evaluate a lesson, teaching method, scheme of work or curriculum
  5. Entertain (if done well)
  6. Communicate e.g. to parents or the outside world

Not all learners will achieve to the same extant in a given teaching session due to the influence of prior knowledge, preferred learning style and emotional state. Therefore leaning objectives are stratified into ‘all’, ‘most’ and ‘some’:

  • ‘All’ is the key message all learners should understand in a successful session
  • ‘Most’ covers knowledge that the majority will understand
  • ‘Some’ denotes what a few learners will grasp, and can be seen as an extension to learning

What does WICKED comprise?

  • A five day structured education programme which is age-appropriate for young people with Type 1 diabetes making the transition from paediatric to adult care
  • Four follow-up sessions in the 12 weeks following the course including a group session at 3 weeks, followed by 3 individual sessions by ‘phone or face-to-face. This affords the opportunity to tailor education to the individual’s needs where more information is needed in a specific area e.g. pump users, athletes or those with additional health concerns
  • An invitation to an annual WICKED weekend of activities providing opportunities for continued support from peers and the WICKED team
  • A half-day session for parents/partners/friends giving an overview of the WICKED programme. This enables the parent to provide ongoing support and guidance to their young person in line with the WICKED philosophy

Who are the WICKED educators?

Vanessa Whitehead
Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Kay Bottrell 
Diabetes Specialist Nurse

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