Co Production - Workstream
Co-production activities have been led by staff at Sheffield Hallam University.  A series of stakeholder co-production events with health organisations, local authority staff, providers and commissioners, academics and researchers and PPI groups were delivered.  They resulted in the identification of a number of research priorities in relation to overweight and obesity. Three priorities relating to adult patient experience and pathways have been agreed by local stakeholders as part of this process. They are currently being developed to be conducted by the qualitative research team involved in the Theme based at SHU. These research projects comprise:
  • A longitudinal qualitative study exploring service users experiences of the impact of bariatric surgery and the quality of long-term follow up.  See the article in the CLAHRC PPI  Winter Newsletter for more information on this project. 

  • A qualitative study to explore the barriers (and facilitators) to uptake of health promotion behaviour change advice and interventions in stroke patients’ (conducted in collaboration with the stroke and health inequalities theme) 

  • A study exploring the impact and implications of obesity on the adult patient care needs and associated care pathway for obese patients with a leg ulcer.
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Catherine Homer 

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