Welcome to all participants, thank you for completing the South Yorkshire Cohort HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE.  With your support, the South Yorkshire Cohort will become one of the world’s largest studies into health.  Understanding how people in South Yorkshire use the NHS will help us to better plan our health services and improve the health of people in South Yorkshire.  We can then pass on our knowledge to others in the country and across the world.

Dr Clare Relton
ScHARR, University of Sheffield,
Sheffield, S1 1AY. 

Tel: 0114 222 0796 
Email: syc@sheffield.ac.uk

For more information please contact:

Professor Paul Bissell (Lead Researcher)
University of Sheffield
Email: p.bissell@sheffield.ac.uk
Tel: 0114 222 0831


Dr Clare Relton (Project Manager)
University of Sheffield
Email: c.relton@sheffield.ac.uk
Tel: 0114 222 0796