Enhancing the effectiveness of interprofessional stroke rehabilitation teams (CLAHRC Stroke EEICC)

Building on 3 national research studies and work with 2 South Yorkshire Community Stroke Teams, the project has 2 main arms:

Improving Services
This work aims to enhance the effectiveness of interdisciplinary teams with a package of change-management tools including team exercises, facilitated session guides, a booklet of current evidence and individual exercises. These tools have been refined, and we are currently investigating sustainable ways to use these for service improvement, including adapting resources to be available online.

The Interdisciplinary Management Tool is available here

Benchmarking for Therapy Services
Working with an Industry Partner (DCC Ltd) and a South Yorkshire NHS Trust, we have developed methods for rapid data capture, validation and display of patient outcomes.  These data are linked to an online ‘dashboard’ to provide fast, easy access to benchmarking resources that can be used for decision-making, service improvement, and commissioning support. 

Recent developments have included the ability to track patients through stages of a care pathway: displaying information such as length of stay and health improvements as patients receive care from various specialist teams (e.g. Acute Stroke Ward-Early Supported Discharge-Community Stroke Team).

Future work will involve the integration of a national database of currently around 9,000 patients, to allow for comparisons between services. Options for wide-scale implementation are being developed.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Steven Ariss
Tel: +44 (0)114 22-25426 
Email: s.ariss@sheffield.ac.uk