Life Story Work and People with Dementia in South Yorkshire 

For a person with dementia to be treated with dignity it is important for care workers to understand the person within the context of their whole life. Life Story Work is one such way to achieve this. It involves working with the person and their family to listen to their life story and then record this in some way so that it can be used with the person.

CLAHRC SY’s Stroke Theme have been supporting a programme of work aimed at getting Life Story Work more widely used with people with dementia and communication difficulties. Supported by an advisory group of health professionals, academics, people with dementia and family carers some of the key achievements include:

  • A series of interactive workshops , with care staff, people with dementia and family carers around using life story work.
  • A film of the life stories of a group of older men from the Yemen living in Sheffield
  • The development of a resource pack to support people in getting started with the use of life story work - now available here
  • The ongoing development of an information
  • The work with culminate in a showcasing event planned for November 2013 in Sheffield

For more details contact Dr. Jane McKeown or Dr. Tony Ryan