Patient & Public Involvement, PPI

The stroke theme patient and public involvement (PPI) group emerged organically from the Improving Stroke Unit Quality Project knowledge sharing event, due to many of the attendees expressing a desire to remain involved in stroke research. The group now includes almost 30 stroke survivors and carers from across South Yorkshire committed to stroke research. Members of the group are interested in feeding back on research ideas, reviewing information sheets, joining advisory groups for research projects and representing stroke survivors at public events.

We recently held an event bringing stroke survivors and carers from the region together with researchers and clinicians to discuss patient and public involvement. The event included presentations and activities about the difference between being a participant or an advisor in research, brainstorming important areas for stroke research and deciding which research activities different individuals would be interested in getting involved in. By establishing which topics (such as communication or tiredness) and research activities (such as being a member of an advisory group or commenting on participant information sheets) people are interested in we will be able to contact people with specific interests in a topic or activity, rather than inviting everyone to everything. 

Download the briefing paper from our resources section.

One of the stroke survivors who attend the event has written an insider report on the day, click here to see the blog.

Would you like to get involved?
If you would like to get involved, or if you would like more information, please contact Madeleine Harrison or Rebecca Palmer.

  • We would like to hear from stroke survivors and carers who are interested in advising researchers on stroke research
  • Please also get in touch if you are a researcher who would like to ask for advice from members of the patient and public involvement group

Madeleine Harrison
0114 2225424

Rebecca Palmer
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