Self Management after Stroke
‘Self management’ includes the things people do to stay well, & the ways people deal with the effects of long-term conditions on everyday life.

A National Audit Office report has highlighted the need to increase long-term support after stroke, & clinical guidelines recommend stroke survivors are offered training in self-management skills.

However, there is currently limited research evidence about what self management involves for stroke survivors & their informal carers, or about effective & meaningful ways to provide training & support.

This project is investigating the needs & experiences of local stroke survivors & carers in South Yorkshire, including exploration of how people are self managing after stroke, & the ways professional carers & stakeholders in the stroke pathway offer training & support. Research findings will be used to inform the development & implementation of a small-scale intervention to support stroke self management.

Project update

  • Research sites involved with recruitment: hospital wards, rehabilitation units, community health teams, 
    voluntary sector services & support groups, stroke clubs.
  • 24 interviews:
  • stroke survivors (20) together with their carers (10)

  • voluntary services/support group/stroke club representatives (6).
  • 4 focus groups - NHS professionals (multidisciplinary, 26).
  • Interim newsletter to study participants & supporters.
  • Oral presentation at SAPC regional conference & UK Stroke Forum 2010.
  • Literature review submitted for publication.
  • Grounded theory analysis & development of a definition & framework for stroke self management, 
    from the perspective of stroke survivors.

Ongoing work

  • Consulting with stroke survivors & carers to obtain feedback on the utility & acceptability
    of the definition/framework.
  • Development & implementation of an ‘intervention’ to support stroke self management based on study findings.
For more information, please contact:

Catherine Rickards, Researcher 
Tel: 0114 222 2209