Telehealth & Care Technologies (TaCT)
TaCT Introduction

Over 15 million people in England have at least one long term condition. Delivering improvements for people with long term conditions isn't just about treating illness, it's about delivering personalised, responsive, holistic care in the full context of how people live their lives. People with long term conditions should be supported in taking an active role in their self management. We believe that the best care and support is delivered by professionals working together, using assistive technology, to meet the needs of communities, groups and individuals.

The Telehealth & Care Technologies theme is focused on the role of assistive technologiesin supporting self management, self efficacy, independence and well-being.

The primary focus of the research is to understand how digital information and communications technology can best be employed by end users with long term conditions (or their family or carers). A secondary focus of the theme is on technologies that collect and transfer data to health and social care professionals to support assessment and self management of long term conditions in the community. The development of these forms of technology, their integration into services, their effectiveness and the implications of using technology in practice will be examined by researchers funded through the CLAHRC programme working in partnership with health and social care organisations in the four South Yorkshire boroughs.

The resultant research evidence will inform local as well as national policy and necessary changes in health and social care practice.

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