In a project as large as the CLAHRC SY, collaborations both across the CLAHRC SY themes internally and with outside agencies and individuals is not just inevitable but very important. The study of the impact of technology in healthcare automatically requires collaboration between many different professions and with the public. Our involvement in collaborative initiatives is summarised below:

Telehealthcare Special Interest Group (TSIG):
Allows South Yorkshire agencies and the CLAHRC SY to share knowledge about telecare and telehealth. The SIG also informs the nature of the TaCT portfolio of projects in order to ensure that research is aligned with the strategic needs of the local health economies. 

Formation of new alliances with external entities will improve the care of older people and those with long term conditions. For example, the TaCT theme has adopted an initiative to establish a formal Collaboration Agreement between the University of Sheffield – where most of the TaCT team are based, Sheffcare Ltd – a care home provider, and Sheffield 50+ - an organisation that promotes the older persons' views in all aspects of life. The purpose of the legal collaboration agreement will be to allow individual projects to be added as 'schedules' of the agreement; from the outset the first project bid is already being worked on.

Similarly staff from TaCT sit on the Sheffield City Wide Assistive Technology board to advice commissioners on the latest developments in technology and service within the assisted living sector.

Manufacturers of electronic and information technology equipment that will promote patient self-care and/or delivery of care in the community are encouraged to approach the TaCT theme to consider if early stage trials of their innovations can be undertaken.