RICHARD - Regional Information & Communication Technology based Clusters for Health Care Application and R&D Integration 
"Towards a new effective ICT-based Care Model for chronic diseases in Europe"

Project Leads
Professor Sue
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Long Term Conditions (LTCs) present a major cost burden for healthcare systems within the EU. A plethora of ICT based applications have been developed in recent years. However, even the most advanced deployments have had limited impact, mostly focusing on pilot applications entailing little or no change on the whole healthcare system. 


To enable healthcare systems to become more effective and efficient through the use of ICT approaches, such as telehealth and e-health.

With funding from the EU 7th Framework Programme, four regional clusters are working together to design and implement a Joint Action Plan (JAP) to support more effective implementation and integration of ICT applications into healthcare practice. Three of these clusters (Yorkshire, Tuscany, Vasterbotten) have extensive experience of deploying ICT interventions, and are mentoring the fourth region (Lodz) as they develop a regional strategy. Within the Yorkshire region there is a strong track history of telehealth, and the partners within the cluster reflect this. This interdisciplinary team reflects a 'triple helix concept' of intensive co-operation between research, public health and industry to develop innovative solutions within this area.

Anticipated outcomes

CLAHRC-SY are leading on two key contributions for the RICHARD project:

  • A systematic literature review of the barriers and facilitators to the implementation of telehealth: 
    using qualitative synthesis of the literature to determine and explore key factors that have supported 
    or hindered telehealth deployments for LTCs. The findings will inform the on-going development and refinement of the JAP.

  • A telehealth implementation toolkit 'Ready Steady Go': a guide to the potential hurdles and pitfalls that arise during the implementation of a new telehealth service. Using a step-by-step approach, the toolkit offers detailed advice for providers of telehealth - of all levels of experience.

The project involves four clusters from European countries

  • UK (Yorkshire region)
  • Sweden (Vasterbotten region)
  • Poland (Lodz region)
  • (Tuscany region) project lead

The Yorkshire (UK) cluster involves four partner organisations

NIHR CLAHRC for South Yorkshire

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
Bradford Metropolitan District Council
Advanced Digital Institute (ADI) – industry partner, SME

CLAHRC SY partner organisations
University of Sheffield
Sheffield Hallam University

Further information on the RICHARD project and other partner activities can be found on the RICHARD website, here.

Project outputs
The Ready, Steady Go Toolkit can be downloaded from our resources section.

Presentations  - King’s Fund 3rd Annual Congress on Telehealth 2013

RICHARD - Project Update

Most Recently Updated May 2013

The systematic review of barriers and facilitators to the implementation of telehealth has been completed. Following updates the review will be submitted to the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare or Implementation Science at the end of summer 2013.

The project is currently in its final year. The toolkit has been developed. The Ready, Steady, Go toolkit is freely available to anyone wishing to develop new or revise existing ICT interventions and pathways from our resources section

A number of research brokerage events are planned for the spring hosted by each of the partners involved in the project. The aim of these events is to generate research proposals that further the development of innovative ICT care pathways and improve implementation; focusing around central themes of serious gaming, telehealth and Long Term Conditions and refining the toolkit. Successful output will be grant capture from each of the participating

For further information please contact Katherine Easton