Self Management and rehabilitation technologies
University of Sheffield Team
Professor Mark Hawley (Project Lead)
Professor Gail Mountain (Project Lead)
Kiera Bartlett (student)
Claire Bentley (research associate)
University of Ulster Team
Dr Huiru (Jane) Zheng (Ulster team lead)
Professor Chris
Dr Paul
Professor Norman

The work shall be undertaken as a joint collaboration between the University of Sheffield and the University of Ulster, under the auspices of the NIHR CLAHRC for SY project, with knowledge being transferred from the SMART 2 EPSRC project. A long-standing relationship has been formed with the University of Ulster throughout a number of EPSRC projects, namely SMART 1& 2, over a period extending 7 years, enabling further collaboration on the SMART 3 project. The SMART 1&2 projects looked into self-management of chronic pain, congestive heart failure and stroke.  The SMART 3 projects aims to extend on this with the inclusion of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and to produce a self-management platform for COPD.


The aim of the project is to produce a software platform to allow COPD patients to self-manage their condition. By drawing upon the existing knowledge and skills base from the SMART 2 project, the team at the University of Ulster will be responsible for creating the software platform to facilitate the development of a self management program for COPD. Using the SMART 2 platform as a starting point, the University of Sheffield partners will produce a set of user requirements, which will be tailored to offer a range of services to support the self management of COPD. 

Project Summary

In general the project consists of two streams of work.  The first involves the identification of user requirements for COPD patients to allow self management of their condition and will be carried out by the clinical team at the University of Sheffield. By utilising previous work on the SMART 2 platform and adhering to the user requirements elicited from interviews, the University of Ulster will develop an early version of the COPD self management platform as part of the second stream of work. This will be assessed on usability and acceptability as a self-management tool, prior to creating a final working ‘prototype’ of the COPD self-management system. An outcome from the project will be to evaluate the final COPD platform with patients. The project will leverage resources from the SMART 2 project in order to provide the necessary hardware systems on which to evaluate the COPD platform. 


Dissemination will take place towards the end of the project in month 12.

CLAHRC Project Partners

University of Sheffield

Other Project Partners
University of Ulster

SMART3 - Project Update
Most Recently Updated April 2013

Interviews are taking place with people who have COPD and with staff members who treat COPD. The purpose of these interviews is to identify and prioritise COPD self-management targets which could be addressed by the system, and to find out what features potential users of the system think would be beneficial for self-management. 

We expect to finish data collection by end April 2013.