The TaCT Team aims to share its work through providing the following online resources. 

CLAHRC SY has collaborated with an EU-funded project called Regional Information and Communication Technology based Clusters for Health Care Applications and R&D integration (RICHARD) to launch a new toolkit to help organisations implement telehealth successfully.
There has been much interest in the development of telehealth but few services have become mainstream. Those who have tried it soon realise it is a complex intervention that is difficult to get right. In part this may explain the mixed evidence base that points towards some deployments being successful while others have failed. Based on experience, and validated by national and international colleagues, the Ready Steady Go toolkit provides a framework that can be followed by organisations as they incorporate telehealth, and which should provide a supportive environment in which telehealth can flourish.
Anyone involved in the delivery of a telehealth programme should find value in this toolkit. For those new to telehealth it provides a detailed account of steps that should be covered, and provides insight into common mistakes and ways in which progress can be monitored. For those with more experience, benefit could still be derived as it may provide new insights into certain aspects of service implementation along with a clear over-riding framework that can assist in ensuring all aspects of the programme are managed effectively.

The articles and papers that have been published through the work of our team. These will mostly be academic articles.

Video Library
This will build over time. You will find we have a video of what its like to be involved in using Telehealth - including a patient's comments. A second video shows extracts from a successful public and patiet event held in 2010.