Special Interest Group

What is its purpose?

To create a regional awareness of what is going on, sharing of ideas, good practice and knowledge of what to avoid.

What is it?

The Telehealthcare Special Interest Group (SIG) has a membership that comprises representation from the four local authorities and primary care trusts in South Yorkshire: Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield centred catchments. It also includes representation from the TaCT theme.

The core representation are people who manage and lead current deployments of telecare and telehealth care services. As such, the SIG is very real-world and practitioner biased. 

How is it run?

The SIG has meetings approximately three times a year, with a chair rotating across the representatives of the 

our catchment.

Previous event
13th September 2013

The most recent TaCT SIG was held on Friday 13th September at Kenwood Hall, Sheffield. The event was centred around a high level debate with speakers and delegates drawn from health services, academia, and industry. Talks were delivered based on views, experiences and the latest research eveidence in relation to the following title: 
"Would I lie to you: How do we target & tailor teleheath & telecare across conditions demographics & services"

  • Martin Cartwright, Whole Systems Demonstrator Researcher
  • David Barrett, Nurse Lecturer in Telehealth at the University of Hull
  • Mark Johnson, City wide care alarms. Telecare growth manager

To find out more about the afternoon including a summary of the talks click here. To enquire about attending our next event to be held in March 2014 please Kat Melling, TaCT project manager.