PPI Agreed Strategy Plan for South Yorkshire
To encourage a consistent approach to PPI in research activities across NHS organisations in South Yorkshire, CLAHRC SY has worked with the Research Design Service for Yorkshire and the Humber (RDS YH) and the South Yorkshire Comprehensive Local Research Network (SY CLRN) to develop a joint strategy for our approach to PPI. 

Our vision is that patient and public involvement in research will become normal practice within five years across the South Yorkshire Health Community, with patient and public perspectives being integrated into all aspects of the research cycle.  This will contribute to and enable the further development and sustaining of a thriving clinical research environment, so as to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire is a major player in health research nationally and internationally and boasts numerous nationally and internationally renowned researchers.  Furthermore, as evidence of South Yorkshire’s eminence in health research, it has been successful in obtaining funding for a Research Design Service (RDS), a Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLARHC) and for Biomedical Research Units (BRU).

The South Yorkshire Health Community is also a national front runner in patient and public involvement in research.  The region has a long and distinguished tradition and culture of patient and public involvement in research.  There is a significantly large number of academics and practitioners across South Yorkshire who are engaged in a range of activities relating to patient and public involvement in research.  The region boasts a spectrum of national exemplars of best practice in patient and public involvement in research.  In addition, numerous publications on patient and public involvement in research, have emanated from the South Yorkshire region.

Strategic objectives 
1.  To continue to ensure that patients and the public influence and support health related research in South Yorkshire, at all levels of the research cycle.
2.  To enable all stakeholders including patients, the public and researchers to realise and achieve the benefits that patient and public involvement in research can provide.
3.  To significantly increase the numbers of researchers, patients and members of the public who are part of the research partnership.
4.  To increase the amount of research carried out in South Yorkshire into all aspects of patient and public involvement and to contribute nationally to increasing the evidence base for patient and public involvement in research (PPI).

For more information about PPI in South Yorkshire please contact Professor Ade Adebajo chair of the PPI Strategy Group in South Yorkshire.

Visit our PPI website for patients and the public here: http://www.beinvolved-sy.org.uk/
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