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National CLAHRCs 
CLAHRCSY is one of 9 national CLAHRCs, each of which has a unique set of aims. 

NHS Evidence links:

NHS Evidence - Click here

What is NHS Evidence? - Click here

NHS Evidence is a service that enables access to authoritative clinical and non-clinical evidence and best practice through a web-based portal. It is managed by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

What has happened to the specialist collections?
NHS Evidence has launched a new specialist evidence service to replace the specialist collections. The new service is easy to search and provides access to a wider choice of quality specialist evidence content. To access this new content, as well as the evidence that was previously available within the individual specialist collections, you simply need to use the search box on NHS Evidence - type in your search terms and relevant results will be displayed.

External Reports:
These reports are relevant to aspects of CLAHRC SY's work: Report (published January 2012): 
What can the NHS learn from experience at the US Veterans Health Administration
Link to the report here

Department of Health Report (published December 2011): 
Innovation, health and wealth; accelerating adoption and diffusion within the NHS 

Link to the report here

CLAHRC review 2012 (NHS Confederation) download here